The Focused Leader 

The transition from working as a high-performing individual contributor to becoming a successful leader can be complicated and confusing. Frequent issues to overcome as a new leader are:

Overcoming these challenges starts with developing a combination of emotional intelligence, adaptability, resilience, overview, and effective communication. Some of these skills you will already have, and some you will need to develop or learn. Mentoring, ongoing training, and professional networking can all provide valuable insights and support for you to gain knowledge and experience.

However, to become the leader you want to be and accommodate your skills, character, beliefs, and values, you need internal reflection and transformative thinking that training and learning can't offer. It can be hard to know where to start this process, and it can be long and confusing. That's when you need a coach.

And that is why I started The Focused Leader. Transformative coaching for senior leaders, C-suite executives, and entrepreneurs Take the time to step back and reflect on how you can become the leader you want to be.

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David Kidd 

I am a transformational leadership coach who works with new, aspiring and established senior managers and leaders. Clients who need to develop skills such as emotional intelligence, adaptability, resilience and effective communication. My approach is to create a coaching relationship which fosters quiet and non-judgemental safety through listening and quality of attention. It is in this space that you enter a state of deeper thinking, which gets you out of your head and to the heart of the leadership issues that you need to address. Issues that could otherwise take months or years to resolve. I have worked for more than 25 years as a teacher, trainer, senior manager, entrepreneur, and coach, working with leaders on their journey to becoming their best and most authentic selves

The Focused Leader 

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